Ocular Care

Ocular health is the foundation of
everything we do!

We are your partner in the detection and treatment ocular conditions both chronic and emergent.

Eye Exams

Say goodbye to the air puff!
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We offer touch-free comprehensive eye exams featuring Optos digital imaging for next level health monitoring.

Contact Lenses

Are there times you wish you didn’t have to wear glasses?

We specialize in fitting you with soft daily or extended wear lenses, RGP lenses, as well as contacts that can help with myopia management.

Dry Eyes

Are your eyes feeling itchy
and dry?

We are here to diagnose, treat & partner with you to manage your unique conditions.

Computer Vision & Eye Fatigue

Are your eyes tired from staring at screens all day?

We have solutions specifically designed to help your eyes focus more efficiently and reduce your eye fatigue.

LASIK Consultation

Thinking about saying goodbye to glasses or contacts?

In order to ensure refractive surgery is the best fit for you, we provide informative pre-surgery consultations.


We screen, monitor, &
diagnose cataracts in-office.

When it’s time to replace your lens, we co-manage treatment and follow-up care with the skilled surgeons at Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute.


Do you have a family history
of glaucoma?

We screen for and monitor glaucoma risk factors using Optos OptomapPlus digital imaging and Octopus visual field.

Diabetic Exams

Curious how Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes might impact how you see?

We perform dilated exams to screen for and manage the potential complications specific to diabetic patients.

Call us today or visit our appointment request page to find a time that is convenient for you to see us.
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